About Joyful Creatives

Hi, I'm Julie.

So why would an English teacher living in China move back to the USA and launch a freelance Virtual Assistance venture?

In one word: Connection.

Oh, ok. Umm.. wait… what??

I’ll explain… It’s all about relationships with me. Old & new, which includes you.

Yes, in all honesty, my original plan was merely to create a way in which I could work remotely to fund my travels so that I could find my way back to those whom I painstakingly left behind when I left China. But in the process of creating the Joyful Creatives business plan my excitement and passion for this endeavor grew as I embraced how each of my unique and versatile experiences throughout my chronicles of multi-disciplinary career interests have altogether primed me for this very undertaking. As my vision unfolded it became clear that many of my favorite pieces from my former roles were neatly coming together, highlighting areas of expertise in which I excel and setting me up for great triumph in this business venture.

But this brand is not just a business venture to me. I created Joyful Creatives to be a living, breathing vessel for forming new relationships right here in the US of A.

As I partner with my clients I throw my heart and soul into championing you and cheering you on as you grow your business. As a fellow entrepreneur operating a small business I understand the heart behind those I serve.

But I would love to tell you a bit more about my dear ones from China who inspired Joyful Creatives. I made the best friends of my entire life while I lived abroad.

Dex, my BWI from Macedonia; we are not BFFs, we are each other’s Best Worst Influence – BUT in the BEST ways possible. My little, big brother looked after me, protected me and cared for me as the world’s best brother would. He also has a unique way of inflicting a harsh tone in my name with his Eastern European accent, “Julie!” when lecturing me about finances, but I’ll allow it because he completely bailed me out of financial binds a hundred different times.

Only Dex would allow my Julieness… Like that one time when I awoke in a fright at 3:30AM because I didn’t know where I left my phone and then proceeded to trek over to his apartment and bang on his door (now it’s 4AM) and startle him awake for my Julie-sized emergency. And only Dex, bless his heart, would wake up laughing at my shenanigans and call the person who had my phone and then put me in a taxi to go retrieve it in the middle of the night. Although in my defense, neither of us to this day have any clue why this other person took my phone home in the first place. Oh well, it made for one of our favorite stories.

This is only a small taste of what I miss so dearly. So I began this venture to build relationships. With old friends, with new friends and with you. Won’t you join me? I promise not to bang on your door at 4AM!